We are lucky to have such a dedicated and committed staff at our school.

Our current staff:

Mr A.J Laskey

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs. A. Peacock

Head of School

Mrs. A. Laskey

Reception Teacher

Mrs L. Fox

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. R. O’Neil

Year 2 Teacher

Miss. A . Whittaker

Year 3 Teacher

Miss. G. Walker

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs. D. Stanworth

Year 5 Teacher

Mr. A. Rashid

Year 6 Teacher

Mr. A. Young

Sports Teacher

Peripatetic Music Teachers:

Mrs. M. Hulme             Violin

Mrs P. Mercer               Cello

Miss K. Dunning          Woodwind /Orchestra

Mr. L. Webb                  Brass

Mr. A Smith                   Percussion

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. L. Alderson

Mrs. G. Baran 

Miss J. Fairbrother

Mrs. S. Highton

Mrs. E. Sedgewick

Mrs. M. Tucker

Mrs J. Whitworth    HLTA

Miss S. Wilcock     HLTA

Other Staff

Secretary:       Mrs. J. Whybrow

Business Manager:         Mrs. D. Hawkins  

Caretaker:       Mr. P. Whybrow

Cleaners:           Mrs. C. Conway   Mrs. D. Henley

Cook:       Mrs. M. Curnow

Asst. Cooks:   Mrs. P. Hardman,    Mrs P Birch

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs. M. Bartkow

Mrs. H. Beaumont

Miss L. Flanagan

Mrs. P. Haslam

Mrs. D. Henley

Mrs. C. McDermott

Miss H. Miller  (Senior Midday)