Kathryn Jackson Local Authority                             CHAIR
Jim McArdle Foundation PCC STM                  VICE-CHAIR
Adam Laskey Executive Headteacher
Carol Challen Clerk
Alison Peacock Observer – Head of School ECSJ
Alison Murray Observer – Head of School STM
Millicent Feber Foundation Diocese STM
Lindsey Keech Foundation PCC STM  – Henshaw Trust
 Angela Bilbruck Foundation PCC STM
Doreen Proctor Foundation PCC STM




Foundation PCC STM

Foundation PCC ECSJ

Chris Gloster Foundation PCC ECSJ
John Mainwaring Foundation PCC ECSJ
Rev.Dave Woodall Foundation Ex Officio ECSJ
Joyce Cooper Co-opted LA
Nazmin Sultana Co-opted LA
Samantha Kershaw Parent ECSJ
Leah Flanagan Parent ECSJ
Antonia Diggle Parent STM
Rebecca West Parent STM
Donna Warburton Staff STM
 Dianne  Stanworth Co-opted Staff ECSJ

2017 Governors Register Of Interests

2017 Governors Committees and Date of Appointment

Governors Meetings Attendance  Record

Governors Training Log

Letter Regarding Eric Crompton, Previous Chair of Governors

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